Kingdom of Cambodia-Statistics

Kingdom of Cambodia-Statistics

Population: 12,775,324 (2002 est.)
Population Growth Rate: 2.24%
Area: 181,040 sq. km
Per capita Income: 380 USD per year, Rank in world, 163rd
Gross Domestic Product: USD 34 billion, Rank in world by GDP: 89th
Currency: Riel 1 USD = 4120 Riel
The State
The kingdom of Cambodia is made up of 22 provinces. Boasting a population of 1,000,000, the city of Phnom Penh is the country’s capital. The Kingdom of Cambodia’s government is a constitutional Monarchy and is governed by the Prime Minister Hun Sen and King Norodom Sihamoni.
People: The majority, 90%, of the people of Cambodia are Khmers. Another 5% are Vietnamese, 1% Chinese, and 4% are other minorities. 85% of the population works in agriculture.
Religion: Buddhism is the official religion in Cambodia, and 95% of the country is Buddhist. 2.5% practice the Muslim faith, a small 1% are Christian, and 1.5% are Animist and other religions.
Language: Khmer is the native official language in Cambodia. Although Khmer is predominantly used English and occasionally French are also on the increase amongst the local people.
Education: There is a 35% literacy rate in Cambodia. The average public school teachers who are paid approximately $16 per month often do not have more than 6th grade education themselves.


Cambodia Health

The number of visits to a doctor per year per capita has been recorded at approximately .32 times. This signifies that the normal Cambodian visits a doctor only once every 3 years.

H.I.V.: There were 100,000 new cases reported in 1999 and currently 220,000 infected people live in Cambodia.

There have been 43,000 (2000 est.) orphans produced as a result of the H.I.V. infections.

1 Cambodian person in approximately 243 has been injured by a landmine.

Life expectancy: 57.1 years
Mortality rate under 5 years: 177 per 1000

Safe drinking water is available to 36% of the population.