Rainbow Foundation was established as a small scale organization aiming to help Cambodian children and to create jobs for Cambodian adults.  The children that come to Rainbow are evaluated on an individual basis and do not have to be orphans.  They can be children who do not receive adequate care from their families or whose families do not have the means to support them.  Rainbow Foundation encourages contact and ongoing relationships if the children have relatives.  At Rainbow House, we intend to provide care with a holistic view, from housing to nutrition to education.  We are a long-term project wishing to provide opportunities and the means for a child to build their own future while allowing them to develop in a clean, safe and stable environment. We promote freedom to practice all religions and provide a living environment as close to Cambodian culture as possible.

The foundation is primarily funded by Amanda Hayes, the founder and managing director of the organization.  She provides on-going funds for any expenses that donations do not cover.  We also have continual fundraising events internationally and receive private donations from many individuals.  We function as a non-profit organization, and all the donations, whether money or supplies, directly benefit the children to pay for clothing, education, food, medical care etc.
Our objectives are to:

  • Create a clean, secure and stable home environment for up to 10 children
  • Supply beds, mosquito nets, clothing and school uniforms, toothbrushes, and all other personal necessities
  • Provide a full, balanced, healthy diet
  • Provide a standard Khmer education with additional home schooling and English instruction.
  • Offer full, quality medical care
  • Provide adult supervision and guidance
  • Create an environment which encourages Cambodian culture
  • Allow freedom to practice all religions
  • Provide jobs to Cambodian Citizens
  • Increase awareness of Cambodian and worldwide issues

Our goals for the future include to:

    • Organize workshops for children to discover and develop new skills
    • Expand Rainbow School for the summer break and to send the older children to school to learn French
    • Provide lasting and ongoing support after children have grown and left the organization
    • Create sponsorships and increase fundraising
    • Set up a small business in Cambodia generate funds and awareness for Rainbow Foundation
    • Open a second home for children in Sihanoukville, Cambodia