NGO 751 registered Cambodian Charity

Rainbow Foundation was established February 2006. We are a small scale NGO working with underprivileged children in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia (Registered Cambodian Charity Reg. 751) We are primarily a home for children who are underprivileged, and do not have the fundamental means for stable living. Our mission is to provide care for the children with education, a balanced diet, a safe home and a caring family environment. We are a long-term project and our purpose is to provide opportunities and the means for a child to build their own future. We ensure that the children live in a clean, safe and stable environment and to provide for all their needs. We promote freedom to practice all religions, and provide a living environment infuenced by both Cambodian and Western cultures. We currently have 10 children living in our new house which was completed in February 2009. The new house has a ten-year lease, enabling us to plan long-term goals for the children.

Our Objectives are to:

• Maintain a clean, secure and stable home environment for 10 children
• Have up-to-date supplies of clothing and school uniforms, toothbrushes and all other personal necessities
• Provide a full, balanced, healthy diet
• Provide a standard Khmer education with additional home schooling and English instruction
• Offer full, quality medical care
• Provide adult supervision and guidance
• Maintain an environment which encourages Cambodian culture
• Allow freedom to practice all religions
• Provide jobs for Cambodian citizens
• Increase awareness of Cambodian and Worldwide issues
• Support other Cambodian children on a non-residential basis through our targeted outreach program
• Support the Rainbow Foundation Clothes Shop which generates funds and awareness for the Foundation

Our Goals for the Future:

• Organize workshops for children to discover and develop new skills
• Expand Rainbow School to include computer classes and French classes
• Provide lasting and ongoing support after the children have grown and left the organization
• Create sponsorships and increase fundraising
• Open a second home for children in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia
• Raise funds to purchase a minibus for our excursions to the children’s families and for the children of our outreach program
• Encourage long-term (1 year +) foreign volunteers to teach English and other skills on a regular basis at the house